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What types of Firearms are there?

There are various types of firearms. Firearms are classified according to their use and destination. Before buying a gun, you need to know this categorization:

Short guns In this group are short firearms such as revolvers and pistols, which are weapons designed to be carried and designed to shoot at close range.


Pistols are generally short-barreled, semi-automatic firearms that use detachable magazines.

These weapons are often used as a defense weapon by law enforcement. However, they are not only used for the purpose of defense, since there are shooters who practice sports shooting. In the Olympic shooting, for example, single shot pistols can be found.

The revolver is a short weapon characterized by its rotating drum where it stores the cartridges (bullets). Its main use is as a defense weapon. However, there are also revolvers for competitive shooting in the centerfire category.


These are the weapons that have a long barrel and are used for different purposes: the most common use is for hunting game whether large or small.

“In this group are also the firearms used for sport shooting. 22lr caliber allows one or more semi-automatic and repercussion shots. And centerfire cartridges are used for long-distance competition shooting such as F-Class or PRS.”

There are other long firearms, such as weapons of war (submachine guns and assault rifles), which we touch on in a few different reviews.


Rifles are long-barreled weapons whose use is mainly focused on hunting, and there is a wide variety of rifles with different mechanisms that are better adapted to certain circumstances.

The main difference between the rifle and another long weapon such as the shotgun is that the barrel of the rifle is rifled and has a longer range.

.22LR Carbines

Carbines that use the .22 LR caliber are smaller in size than big game rifles, as is their ammunition. Its precision and low recoil make it ideal for sport shooting.

The Shotgun

The shotgun is a long weapon that is very popular among local hunters, so it has become one of the main weapons for hunting small game. Unlike rifles, which are fluted, the bore of shotguns is smooth, so their projectile has a shorter range and they are usually used with pellet cartridges.


These are those in whose loading process the projectile and gunpowder are loaded through the barrel. It is an ancient mechanism that has managed to survive to this day thanks to many collectors and shooters who enjoy using these weapons in shooting galleries.

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There are various types of firearms. Firearms are classified according to their use and destination. Before buying a gun, you need to know this categorization: